Strata Curve Leather Dining Chair

The Strata Curve Dining Chair is noted for its exceptional, distinctive and urban design. These dining chairs are notable for gentle organic curves and architectural lines creating a striking profile.

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Strata Curve Leather Dining Chair
Size-58 x 57 x 72cm high

The Strata Curve Dining chair is at the same time both elegant and functional. Produced in walnut these are the perfect partner to any of our Strata dining tables. The gentle organic curves when mixed with the more architectural lines on the Strata Angle Dining chair create a design that is unique to our collection.

A dining chair has a lot of work to do in a design scheme and the Strata Curve chair does that in spades! Not only does it look amazing it is also amazingly comfortable, and the leather covering makes it very hard wearing. Three ticks so far! The chair is supplied in our neutral ivory ‘House Leather’ as standard.

Continuing with these principles we also have the Strata Angle Dining chair  with its organic curves and geometric angles. Fashioned in walnut and supplied in our ivory ‘House linen’. Either the Strata Curve or Strata Angle dining chair is the perfect complement to our collection of Strata Dining tables.

A truly sophisticated collection!

Seat height 45cm.


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