Linen Wall Art – 3

The Linen Wall Art – 3 is part of the offer of exceptional collection of original paintings and sculptures. These key pieces can add the finishing touch to a project highlighting a bespoke interior with striking detail. Working in many mediums talented artists ensure the emphasis is a bold aesthetic

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Original Art Collection.

Selecting one or more of our exclusive artworks for your scheme may provide the finishing touch that is required. A carefully considered addition will introduce another tactile element to your interior. Let’s enhance your space with drama, luxury, and originality.

The Linen Wall Art – 3

The artwork displayed at Eccotrading Design London is entirely original and each painting reflects different styles from our renowned artists. There is a constantly changing selection throughout the year.

The Linen Wall Art – 3 features a panel of hand-woven fabric and complements Linen Wall Art – 2 and Linen Wall Art – 1. The neutral colours of the fabric that float within the frame result in an elegant and contemporary addition to an interior. Using the series of 3pc to create impact and a striking display.

Eccotrading Design London takes pride in offering a constantly changing selection of original art pieces, ensuring that each piece is special and exclusive. We believe that art is not just a visual experience, but also an emotional one, and our original artwork is sure to evoke powerful emotions in anyone who experiences it.

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