Hudson 3 Drawer Chest Brushed Brown Oak

The Hudson 3 drawer chest brushed brown oak is a small, elegant unique design. Designed in house and exclusive to Eccotrading Design London.

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Size-85x45x85cm h

Original Furniture Collection

Selecting one or more of our exclusive furniture designs for your scheme may provide the inspiration or the finishing touch that is required. A carefully considered addition will introduce another tactile element to your interior. Let’s enhance your space with drama, luxury, and originality.

Hudson 3 Drawer Chest Brushed Brown Oak

The Hudson 3 Drawer Chest Brushed Brown Oak is an exquisite addition to our original collection, meticulously designed in-house and exclusively available at Eccotrading Design London.

Elegance in Every Detail

Elegance finds its form in this designer 3 Drawer Chest Brushed Brown Oak. Crafted to enhance any design scheme, its Oak wood boasts a stunning brushed brown finish, radiating warmth and tranquility.

Design that Speaks Volumes

The wooden base gracefully embraces curves, adding a touch of sophistication to the chest. With its three spacious drawers and a well-proportioned top, this piece seamlessly complements contemporary, traditional, and classic interiors alike.

Functionality Meets Luxury

This 3 Drawer Chest Brushed Brown Oak offers ample space for displaying lamps and personal accessories. Its three deep drawers provide generous storage, making it an excellent bedside chest where space permits.

Complete Your Ensemble

Pair this designer 3 Drawer Chest Brushed Brown Oak with other collection items such as bedside tables, sideboard cabinets, or consoles for a harmonious ensemble. Select pieces come with luxurious shagreen drawer and door fronts, adding an extra layer of refinement.

Environmental Consciousness in Design

Environmental consciousness meets style in our designs. By using reclaimed oak to create veneers, we infuse sustainability into our creations. The Hudson collection, along with Renmin, Astor, Avalon, and Arden, benefits from this technique. Each item exudes a contemporary weathered appearance, characterized by unique patterns and inflections.

Explore the Hudson Collection

Embrace the Hudson collection’s splendor, where each design, including this designer 3 Drawer Chest Brushed Brown Oak, stands in standard sizes and awaits your exploration on our website.

These designs are exclusively available in specified colours and sizes from our readily available stock collections.

Hudson Collection Includes:

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