Ceramic Vase Calabash Set of 3

The Ceramic Vase Calabash set of 3, are part of an exclusive and exciting collection of original accessories. We offer an exceptional collection which is often limited and changes throughout the year. These key pieces can add the finishing touch to a project highlighting a bespoke interior with striking detail.

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Size-10*48cm / 20*23.5 cm/ 8*30h cm

The Ceramic Vase Calabash Set of 3: Original and Bold Accessories

Enhance your interior design with the Ceramic Vase Calabash Set of 3, an exclusive collection of original accessories that adds a striking touch to any project. Working in different mediums, our talented artists create unique and bold designs that stand out.

Hand-Painted with Individual Charm

Each Calabash Ceramic Vase is hand-painted with a matte glaze, resulting in individual and charming pieces. The freeform shapes and size, with the largest at just over 48 cm high, make them perfect for dressing up shelves, coffee tables, or console tables, adding another layer of interest to your interior design.

Part of a New Selection of Designer Ceramics

This amazing ceramic set is part of our new selection of designer ceramics, which add to our fabulous collection of accessories. These key pieces can transform a space and add that finishing touch to a bespoke interior. Our exceptional collection often changes throughout the year, providing you with the latest and most limited designs.

Elevate your interior design with the Ceramic Vase Calabash Set of 3 and experience the bold and unique aesthetic of our talented artists.

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