Ralf Cabinet Leather and Cork

Ralf Cabinet Leather and Cork is created by combining tan leather and a natural real cork veneer and just a dash of Italian inspired design from the era of Pucci, Gucci and Willy Rizzo! The exclusive Ralf collection is inspired by a relaxed lifestyle and warm summer days.

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Original Leather Furniture Collection.

Selecting one or more of our exclusive leather designs for your scheme may provide the finishing touch that is required. A carefully considered addition will introduce another tactile element to your interior. Let’s enhance your space with drama, luxury, and originality with our Ralf Cabinet Leather and Cork.

Natural Cork Finish

Natural Cork is a sustainably-sourced and eco-friendly material with a distinctive, earthy appearance. Harvested from cork oak trees, this type of cork showcases a unique, organic texture characterised by its natural irregularities, creating a visually appealing, warm, and rustic finish. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, from wine stoppers and flooring to fashion accessories and interior design elements. The warm, earthy tones and natural grain of Finish Natural Cork add a touch of nature’s beauty to any product or space, making it a popular choice for those seeking a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing material.

Designer Leather Cabinet

The Ralf Cabinet Leather and Cork provides a style synonymous with effortless luxury. This material with its timeless appeal elevates the appeal of this designer cabinet to a new level. This diverse leather collection offers exceptional and distinctive designs infusing glamour to any interiors.

The amazing designer Ralf Cabinet Leather and Cork offers a sense of opulence with its intricate textures and striking details. The handles of the two doors are solid cast bronze, in a coffee finish. The frame is fully covered in luxurious tan leather with stitched details, whilst the panels feature a real cork veneer. This provides a striking contrast against this leather. The Ralf Cabinet Leather and Cork is the perfect addition to a hallway or living space. An eye-catching design in luxurious leather. Let these designs create a luxurious and sensual space that will create an interior with that touch of decadence!

Leather is a resilient material and is easily cleaned and maintained when needed so is never an issue. Furniture supplied in PU with a leather look can never be repaired once worn or damaged, whilst over time leather will harness the soft patina of age!

Original and exclusive to Eccotrading Design London whose mission is to bring joyful, original, and luxurious designs to the interior design market. More information available from the showroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour.

Expand your collection of luxury designer furniture.

Looking to expand your collection of luxury designer furniture? The Ralf Cabinet Leather and Cork is just one of the many exceptional pieces we offer. Explore our exclusive collection of original art and sculpture, furniture, lighting, and accessories to add the finishing touch to your bespoke interior.

Should you require a bespoke colour and time allows, please send us your enquiry. Our workshop can be instructed to finish this design selecting any of our plain, coloured or embossed leathers that suit the requirements for your project.




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