Eccotrading Design London and Rebecca Barnes Design collaboration

Rebecca Barnes Designs is one of our landing clients and below they give an insight to one of their latest projects.

eccotrading design london and rebecca barnes design collaboration

‘The client wanted this project to be elegant with a modern edge, whilst also oozing timeless style. We decided to use a neutral colour palette with metallic accents to add an opulent feel. Metallics also helped to bring different textures to the project. The mix of cool slick metallics like nickel & chrome with the warm-toned bronze & brass items gave the project greater dimension whilst keeping to the simple yet sumptuous look the client requested. In keeping the colour palette simple we could have more fun playing with the different textures in items, such as the Bronze Mosaic Stool with its exciting open cellular texture combined with the polished bronze top which reflects warm light around the space. This project was a pleasure to create & the finished home is a delight to behold.’

We couldn’t agree more with this. This carefully designed project is both cohesive and eclectic in its composition. Selecting some of our original hand cast bronze designs that are exclusive to Eccotrading Design London provides another layer of luxury and pizazz to this interior.

Where a scheme requires structure not clutter the careful selection of pieces from our collection of original art, sculpture or bronze will add that curated look and provide sparkle to the finished interior.

You can discover the amazing Rebecca Barnes Designs at