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Eccotrading Design London and Jennifer Manners Design collaboration

The joy of our industry is the wonderful friendships that can be made. Meeting Jennifer Manners at Decorex a few years back has resulted in much laughter, shared advice and the ability to download to someone who can appreciate the trails that can be faced in our industry!

Eccotrading Design London and Jennifer Manners Design collaboration
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Having our showroom at the Design Centre means any client searching for rugs is immediately directed upstairs to meet the wonderful team at Jennifer’s, a veritable Aladdin’s cave of flooring ideas. Recently, we had the opportunity to be a part of a lifestyle photo shooting session for the new Jennifer Manners collection.

Jennifer Manners Design was founded in 2014 in a small studio on the Kings Road in London and became known quickly  for its big passion for rugs

Since the beginning, the studio has worked collaboratively and creatively with some of the most celebrated design professionals around the world providing luxury rugs for both residential and commercial projects. With a commitment to the handmade heritage and a uniquely sustainable approach, Jennifer Manners has become synonymous with timeless, elegance, sustainable luxury and British design.

Their founder, Jennifer, has extensive travel exposure largely gained from her former career as a foreign news journalist. With an instinctual approach to observation and interpretation, many of the designs are derived from cultures and destinations across the globe. The patterns are often elegant, textured and interesting abiding to the philosophy that a rug is a layer in a room that must sit in balance with other elements. Therefore, they are designed in concert to an overall space.

With its passion for innovation and collaboration, the studio has won several awards including Best Sustainable Product (Decorex International), “Best British Brands” (Country & Townhouse Magazine) and “Best Accessory” (Homes & Garden UK) amongst others. 

Now based at London’s premier Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, Jennifer Manners Design continues to push the boundaries of weaving, materials and design and are passionate about delivering sustainable options to luxury interiors. After eight years, the studio feels they are only at the beginning of the journey. 

You can discover the amazing Jennifer Manners Design at