Bronze Head Repose Sculpture Verdigris

The Bronze Head Repose Sculpture Verdigris is one of our exclusive original bronze sculptures. The inspiration behind our artists creative talent is transformed into reality with this beautiful choice of uniquely originals artworks.

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Size-77cm height

Original Bronze Sculpture Collection.

Selecting one or more of our exclusive bronze sculptures for your scheme may provide the finishing touch that is required. A carefully considered original artwork will introduce intrigue, humour and beauty for your interior. Let’s enhance your space with drama, luxury, and originality.

Bronze Sculpture Repose

At Ecco Trading Design London, great pride is taken in our carefully considered selection of original bronze sculptures and artworks. The Bronze Sculpture Repose is a true testament of our commitment to luxurious and sophisticated designs that cater to both masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Cast in bronze and supported on a slender bronze base the Bronze Sculpture Repose casually considers the journey ahead. This is an exceptional artwork from our talented artist. Its exquisite design and unique features make it a luxurious addition to any decorating scheme.

All these designs are very limited in production, ensuring that each piece is unique and exclusive.

 Pairs beautifully with our collection of pedestals

To create a focal point, combine the Bronze Sculpture Repose with one of our pedestals provides a strong visual impact. Three shades of oak in two sizes, and two sizes of our ‘pumice’ leather with bronze glass top maybe supplied from stock.

The bronze that is used in our collection exudes a timeless appeal that offers a strength that is both visually and tangibly perceivable. Our craftsmen use the ancient lost wax casting technique to create many of these gallery-quality sculptures. Our bronze designs are never a pale imitation from inferior metals but created by a process used for millennia and still used by the craftsmen and artists of today.

Enrich your interior with the original Bronze Sculpture Repose or a selection of stunning bronze sculptures from our collection.

Expand your collection of luxury designer furniture.

Looking to expand your collection of luxury designer furniture? The Bronze Sculpture Repose is just one of the many exceptional pieces we offer. Explore our exclusive collection of original art and


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