Abstract Purple Pallette Painting

Abstract Purple Pallette Painting: Eccotrading Design London offer an exceptional collection of original paintings and sculptures. These key pieces can add the finishing touch to a project highlighting a bespoke interior with striking detail. Working in many mediums talented artists ensure the emphasis is a bold aesthetic.

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Size-85 x 115 cm

The artwork displayed at Eccotrading Design London is entirely original and each painting reflects different styles from our renowned artists. There is a constantly changing selection throughout the year. These original art pieces can provide a unifying statement, or a dramatic contrast to an interior.

The Abstract Purple palette painting is a superb original painting and displays subtle techniques resulting in this modern and joyful painting. The soft blues and lilacs are contrasting with pink tones and highlighted with gold leaf. This provides a gentle focus in an interior. The size of 85cm x 115cm square is large enough to create impact without overpowering a room.

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