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ARTEFACT 2023 – The Contemporary


Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is the world’s premier destination for design and decoration and in May 2023, during London Craft Week, it will proudly be the home of Artefact, The Contemporary Craft Fair 2023 for the modern collector.

artefact 2023 eccotrading design london

Artefact is entering its third year and is set to share the delight of handcrafted and exceptionally collectible items with a worldwide audience of designers, architects, collectors, and craft enthusiasts. The event will celebrate and promote the pinnacle of creativity and provide a platform for visitors to meet top gallerists in the thriving craft industry. Attendees will have the chance to admire remarkable pieces from established and upcoming makers and artists.

We couldn’t agree more with this. This carefully designed project is both cohesive and eclectic in its composition. Selecting some of our original hand cast bronze designs that are exclusive to Eccotrading Design London provides another layer of luxury and pizazz to this interior.

Where a scheme requires structure not clutter the careful selection of pieces from our collection of original art, sculpture or bronze will add that curated look and provide sparkle to the finished interior.

Eccotrading Design London: Showcasing Stunning and Unique Pieces at Artefact 2023

Are you ready to be amazed by the finest selection of bronze, ceramic, and 3D art designs at Artefact 2023? Look no further than Eccotrading Design London, the purveyors of one-of-a-kind masterpieces that will captivate and delight all who attend this international event.

With a reputation for sourcing and curating stunning pieces from established and emerging artists alike, Eccotrading Design London is the go-to destination for discerning collectors, designers, and enthusiasts.

Our collection features an array of exceptional works, including unique ceramics, intricate bronze sculptures, and contemporary 3D art designs.

Eccotrading Design London is excited to be showcasing their latest collection at Artefact 2023, providing visitors with a rare opportunity to view and acquire some of the most beautiful and unique pieces available in the market.

Our team has curated an outstanding selection of pieces that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests, from classic to contemporary, and everything in between.

Designer Bronze Sculpture

One of the standout pieces on display at Artefact 2023 is a stunning bronze tree sculpture. Titled “The Bronze Full Blossom Sculpture” is one of our exclusive original bronze sculptures.

The inspiration behind our artists creative talent is transformed into reality with this beautiful choice of uniquely originals artworks. A stunning combination between our bonsai and blossom sculptures. The result is a magnificent floor standing artwork.

bronze full blossom sculpture large 1

Unique Glass Designer Items

In addition to our bronze sculptures, Eccotrading Design London is proud to present an array of unique designs, including pieces by renowned glass artist, Nathan Soper. Each piece is intricately crafted with a level of expertise that truly showcases the artistry of glass blowing. It was an honour to collaborate with Nathan on this project, and we’re excited to bring his amazing work to our customers.

artifact 2023 london

One-of-kind 3D Art Designs

For those interested in contemporary art and design, Eccotrading Design London’s collection of 3D art designs is not to be missed.

These pieces push the boundaries of traditional art and challenge our perceptions of space, light, and form. Each piece is unique and thought-provoking, making them perfect for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate bold, innovative works.

Eccotrading Design London is the perfect choice for anyone looking to acquire or simply admire stunning and unique pieces at Artefact 2023.

Our collection of bronze sculptures, ceramics, and 3D art designs is second to none, and our team is on hand to answer any questions and provide insight into the artists and their work.

So add a touch of beauty and inspiration during your visit to Artefact 2023 with a visit to Eccotrading Design London.