Straw Box Blue Marquetry

The Straw Box Blue Marquetry is from our collection of luxurious and exclusive accessories. The materials used elevates the appeal of The Straw Box Blue Marquetry to a new level. This diverse accessory collection offers exceptional and distinctive designs infusing glamour to any interiors.

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The Straw Box Blue Marquetry offers a sense of opulence with its intricate textures and striking details. The straw marquetry design is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring each box is a unique creation. The historic technique of using straw to create these beautiful designs is a true art. These panels are a striking contrast against the black leather. The Straw Box Blue Marquetry is the perfect choice when styling a project and is a glorious addition for shelves or tables. An eye-catching design in luxurious leather. Let these designs create a luxurious and sensual space that will create an interior with that touch of decadence!

Leather is a resilient material and is easily cleaned and maintained when needed so is never an issue. Furniture supplied in PU with a leather look can never be repaired once worn or damaged, whilst over time leather will harness the soft patina of age!


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