Slide Desk Pumice Leather

The Slide Desk Pumice leather provides a style synonymous with effortless luxury. This material with its timeless appeal elevates the appeal of The Slide Desk Pumice leather to a new level

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Slide Desk Pumice Leather
Size-120 x 61 x 78cm h

Slide Desk Pumice Leather – Effortless Luxury for Your Home Office or Living Space

Eccotrading Design London presents the Slide Desk Pumice Leather, a designer leather object that exudes effortless luxury. This exquisite desk combines style and functionality, elevating the appeal of any interior to a new level.

Opulent and Sensual Space with Intricate Textures

The Slide Desk Pumice Leather features intricate textures and striking details that add a sense of opulence to your space. The handles of the two drawers and frame are made of powder-coated steel in a black bronze finish, creating a striking contrast against the leather. Whether placed in a home office or living space, this desk is the perfect addition that enhances your workday with its eye-catching design and luxurious leather.

Resilient Leather Material for Long-lasting Beauty

Leather is a resilient material that is easily cleaned and maintained, ensuring that its beauty remains intact. Unlike furniture supplied in PU with a leather look, genuine leather can be repaired if needed and develops a soft patina of age over time, adding to its charm and character.

The strong and sharp lines of this beautiful luxury leather desk give it a real edge, making it a statement piece in any room.

Versatile and Complementary Pieces

Looking for a decadent dressing table? The Slide Desk is a perfect solution. In addition, our collection offers complementary items such as the Slide Table, Slide Console, and Slide Bench, allowing you to create a cohesive and luxurious space.

If you have specific colour preferences and time allows, we offer bespoke options for the Slide Desk. Simply send us your enquiry, and our workshop can finish this design using any of our plain, coloured, or embossed leathers to suit the requirements of your project.

Elevate your home office or living space with the Slide Desk Pumice Leather, a symbol of effortless luxury and exceptional design. Experience the opulence of genuine leather and indulge in a luxurious and sensual space that exudes decadence. Explore our collection and create a personalized interior that reflects your unique style.

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