Paragon Cabinet 3 Door Leather Shagreen

Our leather collection provides a style synonymous with effortless luxury. With its timeless appeal it elevates the appeal of a design to a new level. This diverse collection offers exceptional and distinctive designs infusing glamour to any interiors. This material offers a sense of opulence with its intricate textures and striking details.

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Size-136 x 40 x 78cm high.

For the finishing touch we incorporate leather wrapped or bronze handles and on some items a hand cast bronze base. Let these designs create a luxurious and sensual space that will create an interior with that touch of decadence!

Leather is a resilient material and is easily cleaned and maintained when needed so is never an issue. Furniture supplied in PU with a leather look can never be repaired once worn or damaged, whilst over time leather will harness the soft patina of age!

A sleek cabinet in ‘Shagreen’ leather and a bronze powder coat base. The compartments have a moveable shelf .

A selection of leathers are available:

French Grey

Embossed Bronze

Italian Grey

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