Onyx Bronze Side Table

An unique design for a coffee table. A perfect combination between hand cast bronze and onyx top.

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Size-70 x 40 x 69cm h

This bronze collection is not a pale imitation from inferior metals, but created by a process used for millennia and still used by the craftsmen of today.

The technique is called lost wax casting. Firstly the design is modelled in wax before being wrapped in clay and dried. Once ready it is heated allowing the wax to pour out, hence the name ‘lost wax’! The cavity left in the clay is then filled by molten bronze. Later the mould is broken revealing the bronze casting. Then a process of sanding, chasing and finishing begins to create the final article. A gentle patina will develop over time defining these as true heirlooms.

The combination of the textured polished bronze and the lively pattern of the onyx is a gorgeous pairing. A stunning addition to a design scheme.

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