Cone Lamp Bronze Nera

The Cone Lamp Bronze Nera is one of our exclusive luxury designs. The inspiration behind our creative process becomes reality in this selection of unique and designer bronze lamps.

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Size-24cm dia' x 48cm high ex shade.

Cone Lamp Bronze Nera – Exclusive Bronze Lamp Collection.

Using our designer bronze lamps in an interior will provide a layer of luxury and interest. An illuminated table or floor lamp will always add soft pools of lighting. Enhancing a space with depth and warmth and a welcome ambience.

Cone Lamp Bronze Nera

The Cone Lamp Bronze Nera is supplied in the beautiful smooth dark bronze. This design is an elegant, tapered design of bronze with open details.

At Ecco Trading Design London, we take pride in our exclusive bronze lamp designs. Our Cone Lamp Bronze Nera is a true testament of our commitment to luxurious and sophisticated designs that cater to both masculine and feminine aesthetics.

The bronze that is used in our collection exudes a timeless appeal that offers a strength that is both visually and tangibly perceivable. Our craftsmen use the ancient lost wax casting technique to create these heirloom-quality lamps.

The Lost Wax Casting Technique

Our craftsmen use the lost wax casting technique to create our bronze lamps. First, the design is modelled in wax before being wrapped in clay and dried. Then, the wax is heated and poured out, leaving a cavity in the clay which is then filled with molten bronze. After breaking the mould, the bronze casting undergoes sanding, chasing, and finishing to create the final article.

A gentle patina will develop over time, enhancing the lamp’s beauty and character.

All lamps are wired to order and are supplied without shades, but we keep a selection of white shades in stock. As standard a E27 bulb holder is used with a 13amp plug. Bespoke wiring on request and maybe subject to additional costs.

Enhance your space with the exclusive Cone Lamp Bronze Nera or other stunning pieces from our collection.

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