Blue Moon Cabinet

The Blue Moon Cabinet is one of our most exciting designs in our collection. Designed by Eccotrading Design London and produced by master craftsmen to exacting standards.

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Size-w152 x d40 x h80 cm

The Blue Moon Cabinet is a tour de force where three distinct elements join together as a harmonious whole. The main body of the cabinet is finished with a high gloss black lacquer that allows the details to shimmer in this impeccable design. This designer Cabinet sits on a recessed base in a matching finish giving the appearance floating.

One of the many fabulous details displayed on The Blue Moon Cabinet are the nickel plated brass handles. An Art Deco style has been reimagined for a more contemporary appearance, the superb metal work continues around the doors forming a frame for the straw marquetry panels.

The panels on this Cabinet are created from straw marquetry and is a craft very similar to that of wood marquetry, except that straw replaces the wood veneer. It is thought to have first been practiced in Asia and examples were brought to Europe in the 17th century.

To mimic the varying shades of wood veneer, wheat or oat straw has to be split, then soaked in cold, warm, or hot water. The strips are then ironed, and there will be a variety of tones from pale gold to deepest dark brown. The straw used on this Cabinet has been dyed various shades of deep blue and indigo and arranged by hand to create the intricate design as seen.

The most famous straw marquetry was practiced by prisoners of war from the Napoleonic wars and may be seen in various museums around the world. We want our cabinets to be used and enjoyed, but who knows these maybe the heirlooms of the future!


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